MIDDLEGROUND is a Contemporary Art platform providing opportunities for emerging artists to showcase their work. It is an evolving project for experimentation and collaboration; an initiative brought together by a curatorial collective of female artists and curators graduated from Camberwell (2020).

Exhibition opportunities at commercial galleries are difficult to come by for the majority of artists, let alone emerging artists that are trying to find their way through the industry. Middleground aims to host exhibitions in digital and alternative spaces out of the traditional gallery environment for emerging artists. Our motivation is to cultivate a curatorial body that empowers, challenges and supports our artists and audience. We hope to provide an inclusive and transparent platform that avoids the historical biases, barriers and socio-economic walls that have dominated in traditional art spaces.

As a curatorial collective we are dedicated to exhibiting diverse, accessible contemporary emerging artists. We are open to all mediums, methods, experimentation and forms of creating. Operating without a permanent space allows for the flexibility and progression of collaboration with artists.

If you would like to work with us please contact:

Meet the Team

Becky Hancock (She/Her)

Sussex based artist and curator. Through drawing, sculpture and film the artist deconstructs and distorts the domestic. 

Instagram -

Iona Kirk (She/her)

London based artist and curator, originally from Sheffield. Her practice explores information within the landscape through photography, video, sculpture, text and sound.

Instagram - @ionak.irk

Marjian Tsatsaros Tyagi (She/Her)

A London born Canadian-Indian-Scottish-Greek contemporary artist and Curator. Her practice often involves photography, film, drawing, sculpture and installation and archives.

Instagram - @marjian_tsatsarostyagi